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Good care is sometimes less care

High value care for everyone by making well-informed decisions: should we perform a test, treatment or procedure or should we refrain from these?

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What is To do or not to do?

To do or not to do? is a national program in the Netherlands that helps physicians, nurses and patients in making a well-informed and shared decision whether a specific health care practice is the right choice for this specific patient. Sometimes, healthcare is not effective and can even harm patients. To do or not to do? stimulates and supports projects in which healthcare professionals reduce low-value care.

The program also scales up the successful de-implementation interventions on a national scale. And finally, the program aims to show healthcare professionals the volume of several low-value care practices in order to prioritize which low-value care should be reduced.

In the first four years of To do or not to do?, we have gained a lot of knowledge about how healthcare professionals can reduce low-value care. In the next years, in the second part of the program, we will start 16 new de-implementation projects. Read more about the projects
To disseminate the effective interventions all over the country, To do or not to do? stimulates the scaling up of these projects. Filter dissemination projects on project status ‘Scaling up.
To show healthcare professionals how often low-value care is provided, the program To do or not to do? assesses the volume, variation and costs of overuse with data from several national databases. Read more about this project

Good care is sometimes less care
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Assessing volume and variation of low-value care practices in the Netherlands

There have been contributions to quantify the volume of low-value care practices in the USA, Canada and Australia but...

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High quality healthcare for you as a patient is important. Sometimes, the best care is no care. Or maybe less care than you had expected. Scientific research shows that a test, treatment or procedure sometimes doesn’t work for a specific patient group. Or the disadvantages are bigger than the advantages. In this case, it is better to wait and see, or to choose for other options. This is what To do or not to do? is all about. It is a national program that helps physicians, nurses and patients in making well-informed decisions on which healthcare is best. The program supports several projects in which doctors and nurses reduce overuse. Patients play an important role in these projects. They receive specific information in most projects in order to make the right decision together with the doctor.

If you want to know what To do or not to do? can do for you as a patient, you can contact our program team.


To do or not to do? projects

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  • General hospitals
  • Independent clinics
  • general practitioners


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