Program team

Tijn Kool

Trained as a doctor and economist, he is inspired to reduce costs and increase quality of care. To do or not to do? gives him an excellent opportunity for this.

Simone van Dulmen

loves to make people enthusiastic about opportunities for reducing low-value care and keeping healthcare affordable.

Eva Verkerk

supports the project in reducing low-value care. She gets energy from cooperating and learning from each other.

Daniëlle Kroon

focusses on scaling up the interventions successfully to reduce low-value care.

Joris Müskens

identifies the volume and costs of low-value care in order to assess the problem in the Netherlands.

Angelique Schlief

aims at sending the message as clear as possible in order to be heard by many.


To do or not to do? Is led by a steering committee of representatives of the professional associations of doctors, nurses, patients and healthcare insurance companies as well as the government. The program team and all the project leaders are advised by a team with experts on de-implementation. The steering committee is advised in its selection of projects by an assessment committee of representatives of the eight university medical centers. Finally, the steering committee is also advised by a board with representatives of healthcare insurance companies.

To do or not to do? is one of the programs of the Citrien Fund, an initiative of the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers. The program is financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development

Contact details

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