Nationwide project: appropriate laboratory testing

Interne Geneeskunde, Ziekenhuisbreed
Interne Geneeskunde, Ziekenhuisbreed
Approximately 20% of all laboratory test performed in hospitals deemed as inappropriate. These tests can however come back as false positive results, inducing a cascade of - unnecessary - additional tests. The Amsterdam University Medical Center was the leader of a project to reduce inappropriate laboratory testing on the internal medicine departments of four large Dutch teaching hospitals*. They reduced an average 11% of the total laboratory testing volume. The results of the project are published in 2019 in JAMA Network Open**. After this success, we started scaling this intervention to other hospitals.

* View the original project
** View the publication in JAMA Network Open

How we work:

We formed a scaling team that coordinated the scaling and supported the local teams of the new hospitals. The team promoted the project within the networks of all stakeholders, and on national conferences. We presented the project for interested healthcare professionals, and advised them on how to conduct the intervention in their hospital. All hospitals that are currently reducing inappropriate laboratory testing are participating in the learning collaboration. In the meetings, local teams share successes, discuss challenges and compare data.

The intervention:

The intervention consists of creating awareness through education and feedback, intensifying the supervision of young doctors with regard to laboratory testing by experienced specialists and changes in protocols and (electronic) ordering systems.


There are currently 20 hospitals participating in the learning collaboration. In 2023 we will be able to present results from the participating hospitals.

Learn more?

If you are interested or have questions, please contact  Daniëlle Kroon or Tijn Kool.